Our lab’s equipment

GeneralGeneral (Fume hood, oven, hot plates, sonicator, microscopes, glove box, tools, etc)

Chemical vapour depositionChemical vapour deposition system

Electron microscopeElectron microscope

ElectronicsElectronics (low- and high-voltage power supplies, oscilloscopes, waveform generator, sensitive source-meters, lock-in amplifier, etc)

Ultra high vacuumHigh-vacuum and ultra-high-vacuum characterization systems (equipped with micrometer stage, nanomanipulator, electron source, detector, energy analyzer, phosphor screen, pre-treatment chamber)

LasersLasers (visible, ultraviolet and infrared; solid state and gas; continuous-wave and femtosecond pulsed)

OpticsOptics (optical spectrum analyzer, solar simulator, low-power handheld lasers, optical tables, delay line, power meter, lenses, mirrors, polarizers, micrometer stages, posts, polarizers, beam splitters, fibers, couplers, etc.)

Shared experimental facilities

In addition to the above, we are fortunate to have access to several shared facilities on the UBC campus for general nanofabrication and characterization:

Nanofabrication cleanroom and scanning probe microscopy: AMPEL Nanofabrication Facility

Electron microscopy: BioImaging Facility, Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Focused ion beam: Centre for High-Throughput Phenogenomics

In addition, we can access various other MiNa-affiliated groups’ equipment through collaborations.

Computational facilities

For our computational needs, in addition to in-house computers, we rely on the various supercomputers of the Digital Research Alliance of Canada, which are extremely powerful and have a vast array of simulation packages ranging from mathematics tools to optoelectronics, quantum-chemistry and condensed-matter physics software.