For the industry

We are always interested in collaborations with industrial partners. These could be either directly within the research areas we are actively working on, or purely defined by an industrial partner, leveraging our expertise and capabilities.

Joint projects within the themes we are actively working on

Please see the Research and Publications pages and contact us for more detail.

Projects purely defined by prospective industrial partners

Our expertise and facilities cover a much broader range of topics in which we could be of potential assistance to the industry, beyond our specific research focus. We are thus open to industry-defined projects in which we could use any of our resources for practical applications and bringing value to companies. Note that there are also major funding and matching opportunities available for industrial projects through NSERC and MITACS. If you are interested, please contact us.

Our technical capabilities

Below is a summary of our capabilities. Please see the Facilities page and contact us for more detail.


– device design

– prototyping

– micro/nanofabrication in the cleanroom

– nanostructure growth and deposition

– high-resolution imaging (optical microscopy, electron microscopy, scanning-probe microscopy)

– surface characterization and spectroscopy

– building experimental apparatus such as high- or ultra-high-vacuum systems and components

– electronic characterization and sensitive instrumentation

– lasers and optics


– continuum modeling, such as finite-element analysis

– classical molecular dynamics

– first-principles, quantum-mechanical calculations using techniques such as the Hartree-Fock theory, configuration-interaction, perturbation theory, and the density-functional theory